Sometimes it’s Hard to Let Go, Ladies…

From being a victim of minor physical and emotional abuse, I understand how hard it is for you young girls and women to escape daily life of constant fear and pain. Fear; for reasons of physical harm or threats, and pain, from being alone and feel as if you could do no better. However, this is a delusion, it’s way far from the truth. Women, just because men happen to be physically stronger than us, and try to convince us that they are smarter than we are, it does NOT mean it’s the truth. Lets think about this for a minute: Would a smart man, who doesn’t want to lose his wife, treat her so terribly? Abuse her, mentally and physically? How does doing so make him so much more intelligent? He’s only losing respect from thousands of people, and increasing the chance of losing the women he “loves” (controls). These men aren’t men; they’re the scum of the earth. You, defenseless, intelligent, loving woman deserves nothing but a gentleman. Why settle living with a deceitful man like that? You KNOW what is right; you’re just too scared to let go. Be a woman who know what she deserves, and you’ll gain so much more respect that way. Let not only yourself know, but males as well; doing so will decrease your chances of getting taken advantage of. 

Take a stand ladies; be that strong, independent woman you have been striving to become. know what you deserve, and don’t settle for anything less.


1 thought on “Sometimes it’s Hard to Let Go, Ladies…

  1. This is good for single women! It’s all about control. There are some men that really don’t like women, they like what a woman can do for them. (sex and money) 

    If a woman happens to have children with one of these types, it is tragic. Then it becomes about a woman’s paycheck and manipulating the children when she discovers she can’t take it anymore. He then pulls out all the stops to control or hurt her through the children to force her to stay. He needs that paycheck. In any event, the children will stay with him, he has seen to it.

    The other scenario, the man is the breadwinner and controller. He decides he wants out but through violence forces the wife to leave. Somehow the children feel sorry for the controller?? and stay with him. 

    In both these scenarios, drugs and alcohol played a part in the controllers life.

    Both controllers “outgrew” their addictions over time.


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