Sometimes it’s Hard to Let Go, Ladies…

From being a victim of minor physical and emotional abuse, I understand how hard it is for you young girls and women to escape daily life of constant fear and pain. Fear; for reasons of physical harm or threats, and pain, from being alone and feel as if you could do no better. However, this is a delusion, it’s way far from the truth. Women, just because men happen to be physically stronger than us, and try to convince us that they are smarter than we are, it does NOT mean it’s the truth. Lets think about this for a minute: Would a smart man, who doesn’t want to lose his wife, treat her so terribly? Abuse her, mentally and physically? How does doing so make him so much more intelligent? He’s only losing respect from thousands of people, and increasing the chance of losing the women he “loves” (controls). These men aren’t men; they’re the scum of the earth. You, defenseless, intelligent, loving woman deserves nothing but a gentleman. Why settle living with a deceitful man like that? You KNOW what is right; you’re just too scared to let go. Be a woman who know what she deserves, and you’ll gain so much more respect that way. Let not only yourself know, but males as well; doing so will decrease your chances of getting taken advantage of. 

Take a stand ladies; be that strong, independent woman you have been striving to become. know what you deserve, and don’t settle for anything less.


One Last Letter to You, Mom


Little did I know your time would be coming up so soon. I had no clue, but I did know how hard it was to talk to you. Everyone knew, including you, but didn’t tell me because no one wanted me feeling blue. Maybe that’s the reason, it was too difficult; but that only resulted me feeling lots of guilt. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I could never forget that grey, gloomy day back in February.  If I only knew, there would be so many things I would tell you.

As a child, I remember and will never forget those great times, now looking back, time really has flown by. Where has the time gone, since when I was a kid? You were the best mother that no mother dare to compete with. You took me to Disneyland, and played with me in the sand; you took me to the rainy park where which we danced. You bought me what I wanted, and you thought I deserved it, even though I was a spoiled brat, and we both knew it. You taught me that no matter what mistakes we make, we can still become just as great. You taught me to make the best out of everything, like set-up a fart machine or just go out in public and sing.  A kid can dream of a mother so true; I just wish I was able to tell you.

Mom, just because your gone, your love and memory still lives strongly on. Our last memory was one of which I will always cherish, a memory that indubitably will never vanish. I remember that day like two weeks ago, a wide smile, hair so beautifully gold. Our last night together so was astonishingly planned, I definitely didn’t want that night to end. From our favorite food to scary movies, to talking until dawn in the morning. A little after dawn that morning, when I got in that car to go home just then, little did I know I would never see you again. If I knew this to be true, there would’ve been so much I would tell you.

Now writing you this one last letter was no walk in the park, because with every last word, it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart for the simple reason I will never speak to you, to tell you what great things I’ve accomplished, and what I’m up to. If I only knew your time would be so soon, there would’ve been so much I would’ve told you.

Embrace the Hardships

Life; filled with many obstacles, as well as many accomplishments. It’s normal that we find obstacles to be overbearing. However, if you decide to look at these obstacles differently, you can use them to your advantage, and grow from them, instead of overwhelming yourself. On average, our life expectancy is about 78 years; that is not very long at all. Every second that passes, it’s one less second you have to live; so why waste your precious time on stressing and fretting about unnecessary complications? We need to learn how to see and process these things, to strengthen our minds to overcome such obstacles without stressing our minds and bodies, to achieve to become an overall happier person.

Of course, there are uncontrollable issues that we cannot just not to be stressed over. However, it’s the way we decide to perceive it as well as the way we decide how to act upon such issues. And it’s not so easy to teach your brain how to manage these complications, it takes patience and perseverance. That’s the key, perseverance; know that these things take time, and don’t stop pushing towards your goal. In times of despair, don’t resign; use your downfalls as a motivation, make the decision to show yourself you can beat this feeling of hopelessness, that it is NOT going to beat you. Know that you are capable of defeating that urging voice telling you that you’re worthless, and cannot overcome your complications. Doing so will increase your mental, and possibly physical, strength.

For example, I have glossophobia, an immense fear of speaking in front of large groups. I know my condition is serious because I don’t feel just a tiny bit nervous; my mind stops thinking completely, and every thought is replaced with “get the hell out of here!” and I lose my ability to speak. When I was younger, I was able to do presentations with flying colors; I was the one who always volunteered to go first, I even enjoyed doing them. Hell, I even gave a 5 minute speech in front of veterans! So I developed this condition over time, and now I have to re-teach my brain how to speak in public properly. In high school, we had a group presentation due, and my teacher and I figured out a way for me to contribute to the project, but not have to give the presentation. The day that our presentation was assigned, I asked my teacher if I could simply stand with my group while they gave the speech, in hopes of getting over my fear, little by little. He replied with no, for the reason of students questioning why I was the only one not contributing to the presentation. I went up there anyway; I knew I was doing this for myself, not for them, and didn’t care what they happened to think. Doing this resulted me in saying a few short sentences, just fine! I was so proud of myself. I realized that getting over this fear is going to require a step by step process, and eventually I CAN defeat this annoying issue.

So if you encounter a hardship, choose to embrace it, not hate or stress about it. Chances are, if you decide to try and overcome this issue, you are going to learn and grow, while also putting as less stress on yourself as possible because you know you’re actively trying to do something to resolve this issue. Just trying shows how strong you are. Choosing not to do anything about the issue can cause more stress, because you are deciding not to do anything about your complication, you’re just letting it be. A quote from Stephen King, “Sometimes it’s better to push on through no matter how much your mind and body may protest.”